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Overnight Policies

For our patients spending the night we only allow one adult to spend the night with the child. They must be a parent or legal guardian and must remain in the surgery center at all times. If there is more than one child in the family having surgery, we request one adult per patient. We do not allow other small children or siblings to stay overnight. REMINDER: Visitors are allowed until 9pm.

We will provide all necessary fluid and dinner for the patient during their stay. We also provide a dinner for the parent that will spend the night. Keep in mind that the nutrition in our kitchen is FOR PATIENTS ONLY and parents and visitors must bring or buy their own drinks, snacks and lunch. We cannot provide microwaves and can only refrigerate individually wrapped/sealed items for patients. Since we ask not to bring food or drinks into the Pre-operative areas, we are happy to place them in your overnight room as soon as you arrive.

Your child is welcome to bring comfort items from home such as pillows, blankets, sippy cups, stuffed animals, games, tablets or DVD’s (our TV’s do not play Blu-Ray). We do provide basic cable and DVD players in each room. There are large recliner armchairs available for the parent spending the night. We also have pillows and warm blankets available.

The nurses will monitor your child’s vital signs, hydration, and pain for their entire stay. We will provide all medications as ordered by your child’s surgeon. Before you are discharged we will provide you with detailed instructions and a medication schedule for your child.

If someone is picking you up the next day, we recommend they arrive at SPSC at 6am for your discharge. We do not open prior to 6am.